Tokyo Marui G17 Gen 4

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As advertised by Tokyo Marui, the G17 Gen 4 GBB Pistol translated roughly into English :

The Glk series has undergone many minor changes since the first generation appeared in 1982. The fourth-generation “Glk 17 Gen.4” is finally here as a gas blowback!
Reproducibility is improved by measuring the real thing, such as a new grip checker ring, a larger magazine catch, and a detachable grip back strap that was adopted for the first time in the 4th generation. In addition, the new Glk 19 blowback engine has been inherited to achieve more powerful blowback and efficient operation.

“Major features of the Tokyo Marui, the G17 Gen 4 GBB Pistol”

  • Large-diameter cylinder adopted: The new blowback engine of the “Glk 19” has been inherited, and the internal structure has been completely refined. By adopting a cylinder with a diameter of 15 mm, we have achieved stable actual shooting performance and powerful blowback.
  • Improvement of reproducibility: Based on the data measured from the real “Glk 17 Gen.4”, we pursue the reality of size and detail. In addition, we are particular about reproducing the texture of the details, such as reproducing the dual recoil spring and separating the extractor (*) and the slide cover plate as separate parts. * This is a dummy simulating only the appearance.
  • Gen.4 style railed frame: A new type of non-slip is used for the frame that has an integrated under-rail with a width of 20 mm that allows the mounting of lights that are essential for CQB equipment. In addition, it comes with 2 types x 2 size back straps, and it is possible to change the grip size to 3 levels including the unattached state.
  • Lanyard link: The lanyard link on the back of the grip can be connected to a lanyard (= bearer string) that prevents it from being lost or dropped.
  • Cocking indicator: Equipped with a gimmick that can easily determine whether the main body is ready to be fired, depending on the rest position of the trigger.
  • Die-cast magazine: A magazine made of die-cast, which has 25 rounds and is resistant to cold.

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