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A replica of a helmet made of polymer. Due to its small weight and a considerate construction, it is very comfortable to wear. Foam pads placed inside allow this helmet to sit very stably on the user’s head. The placement of the pads can be adjusted to the user’s preferences because they are mounted with hook and loop fastener straps. 4-point webbing features a wide array of adjustment options and a buckle. An additional feature of the webbing is the fact that it was made in a closed system, which means there are no loose, protruding adjustment straps.

The helmet is equipped with a set of side mounting rails that allow for attachment of an entire array of additional equipment like goggles, tactical flashlights, headsets, etc. In the front part of the helmet is a polymer mount and drawstrings enabling the attachment of NVG systems.

The helmet comes with a set of hook and loop fastener straps, dedicated and profiled for sticking to the helmet’s shell. They allow for attachment of badges, morale-patches, markings, e-lite markers, etc.

Size M/L - Head Circumference 56 - 60cm

Size L/XL - Head Circumference 59 - 61cm

Maritime Helmet Type Cover

A cover for Maritime type helmets, manufactured by FMA out of nylon. The material has been reinforced with a Rip-Stop weave that makes the material more durable to tearing and wear.

Main Features:

- four mounting straps
- four mounting hook and loop fasteners
- hook and loop fasteners and straps for accessories
- NVG opening

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