Level 2 Award for Upskilling a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry - Secure Command & Control
Level 2

Level 2 Award for Upskilling a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry

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Qualification overview and objective

This qualification is designed for those learners who undertook their door supervisor qualification prior to launch of the QCF door supervisor qualification. It allows them to meet their mandatory top-up requirements for door supervisors and to retain their SIA licence. It is based on the relevant SIA specification for learning and qualifications. 

The objective of the qualification is to support a role within the workplace. 

This qualification is supported by: 

  • Skills for Security (SfS), the standards setting body for the security industry; and the 
  • Security Industry Authority (SIA), who regulate the private security industry. 

Entry requirements To register for this qualification, learners are required to meet the following entry requirements: 

Age Range 

This qualification is approved for delivery to learners aged 18 and over

Language pre-requisite 

Security operatives are likely, during their work, to be required to make calls to the emergency services and communicate clearly to resolve conflict. It is therefore essential that security operatives can communicate clearly. 

It is the centre’s responsibility to ensure that each learner is sufficiently competent in the use of the English and/or Welsh language. All assessment must be conducted in the medium of English and/or Welsh, as appropriate. Centres must ensure that learners have sufficient reading, writing, speaking and listening language skills before putting the learners forward for assessment. Evidence must be retained by centres for all learners and made available for external quality review purposes. 

As a guide, learners should, as a minimum, have language skills equivalent to the following: 

  • a B1 level qualification on the Home Office’s list of recognised English tests and qualifications 
  • an ESOL qualification at Entry - Level 3 on the Ofqual register taken in England, Wales or Northern Ireland 
  • an ESOL qualification at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 5 awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and taken in Scotland 
  • Functional Skills Level 1 in English 
  • SQA Core Skills in Communication at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 5 
  • Essential Skills Wales Communication Level 1 

This qualification is suitable for door supervisors who undertook their qualification prior to the QCF door supervisor qualifications and who need to renew their licence. 

All leaners must have a Door Supervisors SIA licence. It is the centre’s responsibility to check this and ensure that relevant records are available for audit purposes. 

Further information on licence renewals and training please visit the SIA website.



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