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When seconds count, you need a reliable multi-tool that’s always on call but never gets in the way. The 5.11® LE EMT Multi-Tool is designed for optimal efficiency and functionality end-to-end. The Tanto knife blade is designed specifically for piercing hard materials. The seatbelt cutter with a pry bar and a spring-loaded glass breaker can expedite auto extractions and rescues. And with an oxygen wrench, two types of pliers a magnetic hex bit driver, and more, there’s almost nothing this multi-tool can’t handle.

Plastic restraint/wire cutter
Oxygen wrench
Round plier
Flat plier
Magnetic spare bit holder
Spring loaded glass breaker
1.5” Tanto blade (3CR13 Steel)
Seatbelt cutter (3CR13 Steel)
Pry tip
Two-position magnetic bit holder
Cuff key
Cuff double lock
Plus lanyard loop

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