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Hauling your helmet around doesn’t have to be a necessary evil. In fact, it can be a flexible, easy way to transport all your gear. The 5.11 Helmet/Shove-It Gear Set™ holds ballistic and bump helmets and secures them with the backpack’s top compression straps. It’s compatible with all our All Missions Packs and Bags and the AMPC Pack and that’s just the beginning of this pack’s versatility. It Includes S/R buckles at the top and bottom for side attachments, durable Hypalon tabs for easy S/R buckle removal, G hooks and a hook back for total Gear Set™ compatibility. A front zippered pocket includes elastic bands and slip pockets for admin and accessory organization. The alternative shove-it pocket holds last-minute cargo for added convenience. Change your set up, change your mind, and do it all with the Helmet/Shove-It Gear Set™. Imported.

12.5"H x 9"L

5.11’s signature Center Line™ design
Holds ballistic & bump helmets
Alternative shove-it for misc. cargo
Compatible w/ All Missions Packs and Bags
Front pocket with slip pockets and elastic bands
Bottom split uniloops included to secure the front panel to back for a low profile

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