Abbey Predator Ultra Gas 700ml

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ABBEY Predator Ultra Gas is the ideal premium power high-performance gas for blowback guns.

Abbey Predator Ultra Gas special formulation gives you complete confidence in the rapid accurate fire.

The generous can size gives you many more shots per can over other brands. Unlike some brands, we fill our cans to maximum. Try it and count the refills, events or weekends before you repurchase. You will be amazed.

Many gases use silicone as the lubricant. Silicone is not designed to work in gases so separates and sinks. You cannot be sure how much silicone is in each magazine and it will bind metal to metal, slowing or seizing your gun.

Abbey Predator Ultra Gas contains UPL+. A high performance, extreme pressure lubricant designed for the seals and internals of your gas blowback gun. UPL+ stays mixed in the gas at all times to give smooth hassle-free shooting. No need for vigorous shaking before refills. Ultra Gas will keep you in the field skirmishing, not field stripping your GBB gun.

Please note we cannot send Aerosols outside of Mainland UK.

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