Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a 700ml

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Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a is a medium power gas for use in lighter, mostly plastic, guns. It has the same superb UPL as the more powerful Abbey Predator Ultra Gas, ensuring trouble-free operation at all times.

Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a can be used for indoor skirmishes where lower velocities are normally required. It should be used in hotter climates where the risk of damage may occur if the more powerful gases are used.
Use Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a where manufacturers recommend 134a gas.
It has the same power as 134a gas and will not damage your gun.
Predator Gun Gas 144a replaces Abbey Gun Gas 134a which was banned for airsoft under the Tokyo Protocol.
It contains no CFC’s or HFC’s and is environmentally safe.

Available in 700ml Aerosols

Please note we cannot send Aerosols outside of Mainland UK.

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