Secure Command & Control

About Secure Command & Control

Secure Command and Control Ltd (SCC) continues to be the trusted Specialist Training and Tactical Equipment provider for organisations large and small across a wide range of sectors, including Government, Security Services, Local Authorities, Emergency Services, Health Trusts, Education, Business and Industry.

Drawing upon our core of highly trained special forces trainers and industry leaders we will be offering the pinnacle of training opportunities.

Secure C&C is split into 3 main areas;
1. Tactical equipment and airsoft sales in our over 100sqm retail space;
2. Specialist Training within our purpose-built training classrooms and simulation spaces;
3. Specialist Battle Simulation and Close Quarters Battle (CQB)skirmish area for the airsoft enthusiast.

Specialist Training

The specialist training arm of the business is focused on providing the very best training opportunities for our clients within a 3 tier structure; Tier 3 focusses on level 1 and 2 courses in a number of subjects (e.g. First Aid, Fire marshal and H&S) relevant too small to large businesses and security industry professionals; Tier 2 focusses on more advanced training and includes courses such as SIA door supervisor; the Tier 1 courses are the peak of the training standards and include very specialist courses such as SIA Close protection and Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). Our Tier 1 courses will utilise our unique specialist training environment and our Professional Training Weapons platform for realistic training.
Training Environment

Highly skilled and overtly professional training team from Tier-1 and Tier-2 units from the British Armed Forces, Dedicated Medical team from A great British institute, The NHS. At our modern training centre we have a capability unlike the competitor, we have the option to create Situational Awareness Scenario Training (SAST) and provide Specialist Battle Simulation (SBS) under a controlled Close Qatar Battle (CQB) environment 

Bespoke Training Packages

We can therefore deliver a program that includes elements of several different services. All material is considered restricted, and training templates are designed specifically for the client/agency and remain with the client/agency. Our training contracts include a use of information declaration. Our approach is extremely clear cut, we deliver techniques, we train SOP’s for good practice, and we deliver functional operational templates and individuals, on completion of our training packages. This is delivered via our exclusive network of overseas network of global partners.

Networking In The Community

We have a hospitality suite which will be used on Saturday mornings for Service Personnel, Advanced Responders, Veterans, and Emergency Service’s (SAVE). This will give all the opportunity to network and spin dits, and give Secure Command and Control A name that cares for its past and present serving personnel form our British Armed Forces and Civilian Emergency Services, and offer any Mental Health services and advice from our team of NHS professionals, while enjoying tea and coffee from the business of Veterans, and buffet provided via a local business.      

Health & Safety

First Aid

This covers a vast range from basic 1 day first-aid up to the more advanced FREC/FPOS  NVQ Lv3, and all the in-between.

Health & Safety

Starts from Health & Safety in the workplace, right up to working at height.

Self Defence

Techniques used in defending against committed attacks by an assailant armed or unarmed. 

Private Security

Starting from Security Officer to Door Supervisor which can both be upskilled Via First-Aid and Physical Intervention, CCTV Operator and our Bespoke Close Protection course.

Team Members

Ex Uk Armed Forces
Our instructors have a combined 70 years plus of martial arts experience. Both are Ex UK Armed Forces and highly motivated as training providers.
Experience Trainers
which is delivered via Tier-1 Tier-2 Operators who have had extensive careers within the British Armed Forces.