Event Infomation

Date / Time
Sunday 10th October 2021 

0700 - Arrival
0900 - Infill Begins
1700 - Endex 
1830 - Debrief
2000 - All off Site
Sussex Woodland Activities
Cinderford Lane BN27 4HL Hailsham, UK
Full Day - £40

Price also includes Geoffs BB's for the event (Unless Marksman Role).

Taskforce Team
Team Separatist

frequently asked questions

What Do I Need To Bring?
You will need to bring your usual airsoft gear (Minus BB's) as well everything you need to survive 8hours
Do I need to bring Ammo?
You do NOT need to being ammo, Secure Command and Control will provide every player 500BB's of their chosen weight at chrono. 
If you are fulfilling a marksmen role you can bring your bb's but are limited to 500BB's for the event and must notify a staff member at checkin. 
Can I return to my Car?
No. You will not only be missing out on of the event, but you will also be damaging the immersion of the rest of the participants. Off course you can return if it an emergency please notify a member of staff.
What are Roles?
Due to the nature of this event SCC will be assigning players roles within their sections, this is to help balance the teams. 

These include - Rifleman, Support Gunner, Marksman 

When you book your ticket you will be given the choice of a Primary and Secondary Roles. SCC will strive to give you your primary choice, but we have limited slots for Marksmen Roles.
When Does the Game Start?
The event starts at 0900 on the Sunday and will be none stop till 1700.
Is Lunch Provided?
Unfortunately the answer is no. But if you turn up on time there is a small cafè on site.
Can I stay Sunday Night
You may stay sunday night in a campsite. However the campsite is around a 20minute walk from your car.
Can I film this Event for my Youtube?
The simple answer is no this is to avoid break immersion of the event and removing the phrase "for content"
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