Task Force Objectives
NATO Task Force objectives
- Helping the development of the region 
- Maintaining Security 
- Maintaining Democracy 
- Providing Humanitarian Aid 
- Promoting economic stability and growth
Uniform/Equipment Requirements
Taskforce are required to wear at least 80% MTP.
However Black / Dark Coloured MTP is not permitted, Only Green / Tan.  
Tactical Equipment
SCC recommend Task Force wear plate carriers. 
Concealment Systems
Only a Marksman is allowed to wear any form of a Ghillie. 
Please note while wearing a ghillie there is a chance you could get shot by your own team. 
Load Carrying
Rucks/Bags can be any colour, but we recommend it is not a bright colour. 
Adverse Weather
If the weather declines, you are permitted to wear clothing, which may not follow the uniform requirements while inside your FoB or Redcross location. But, when leaving your FOB or Redcross uniform requirements must be adhered to.
SCC recommend Western style Weapons. SCC do allow two-tones but must bring something to cover it.
Team Structure

This is an example of the Taskforce Structure. 

Taskforce Command - Staff
This person is sending the objectives to the Troop Commanders 
Troop Commander - Staff
This is the the main leader for the Task Force and giving out the orders to the Section Commanders.
Troop Commander 2IC - Staff
The second in command for Task Force who steps in when 1IC is away
Section Commander - Player
Person in charge of their smaller teams.
Other Information
SCC will be assigning sections / roles for the event, when you book your ticket you will be given the option to select a primary role and a secondary role. 
SCC will attempt to give everyone their primary role. But there is a limit on how many marksman we will allow on each team. 
SCC will ALWAYS keep a team as a team, so make sure you enter your team information when booking. 
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