Rules Key
If this rule is broken you shall be removed from the site.
If this rule is broken you shall be given a warning, but if caught again you shall be removed for the site.
This rule is an event/site recommendation and is strongly advised.


Due to the nature of our event all players must be over 16. 
Anyone found to be under the influence or consuming non prescription/illegal drugs during the Event will be told to leave. 
Police will be Informed.
Anyone found to be under the influence or consuming alcohol during Game Time will be told to leave. 

Secure Command and Control reserve the right to refuse sales/admittance, or eject from the site, any persons/team without reason.
Personal Protective Equipment
Eye Pro
Eye Protection must be warn at all times within the event area, Eye Pro must be rated to withstand 5 joules of impact.
Ear Pro
Hearing protection is strongly advised for this event and should be used at all times. SCC will have disposable ear plugs available throughout the event. SCC will be using devices that are above 120DB.
Comfortable boots with ankle support are strongly advised, due to the distance and terrain that will be traversed during the event.
First Aid Kit (Only 12+ Hour Events)
You must bring your own individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).
Site Specific
An SCC staff member's word is final.
The boundaries of the site are marked by signs. Do not cross these as some sites are an active MoD training location.
Some sites we use have several lakes, do not try to go swimming these are alot deeper than they first seem. 
Foreign Objects (Coming Soon) 
Safe Areas
No Eyepro Required
Weapons must not have a magazine/equivalent in and must not have a BB in chamber, this includes pistols/bb launchers.     
Redcross Tent (Event Specific)
No Eyepro Required
No weapons are allowed inside the tent. 
First Aid
If you need urgent assistance beyond basic first aid call for a SCC Member or Call SCC via a mobile.

If you can walk either return to your Teams FOB and contact your Troop Commander (All SCC Staff Members are First Aid Trained). Or head to the central Red Cross Tent where a Staff member can assist you. 

All Redcross Tents have Water / First Aid Kits / Bed. 

Also inside the Mobile Respawn Crates is water, if you drink this water please take it with you and inform a staff member immediately so we can restock it for other people.  
Ceasefire / Emergency
If you need urgent assistance from an event staff member during the event you can radio on the emergency freq channel.

If  a cease fire is needed please shout - “Ceasefire, Ceasefire, Ceasefire, [Location]” During a ceasefire players in the location MUST demag and clear your weapon. Also unless instructed to by an event staff member you MUST not change position. This only to be used for an emergency.

If an event staff member needs to stop or pause the event they will use an air horn doing 6 short blasts followed by 1 Long. 
Joule Limits
At our Events we operate within the UK limits which are higher than most airsoft sites. 
Weapons will be chronoed during the event. 

Fully Automatic Weapons - upto 1.3 Joules 

Locked Semi Weapons - upto 2.5 Joules 

There are NO Minimal Engagement Distance at this event!
Weapon Safety
Blind Firing
Shooting without the ability to see what you are shooting at. The most common form of this is sticking a gun over or around cover and firing without looking at where they are shooting. Blind fire is strictly prohibited.
Pyrotechnics - Bangs, Smoke, Mines, Trip Wires
No homemade pyrotechnics or smokes are allowed to be used at this site.
Only paper based smokes can be used at our event, when thrown please ensure nothing catches on fire. If a fire starts and can't be controlled, call a ceasefire. 
(Please note at specific events some / all smokes could be banned due to weather / MoD regulations)
Throwable Pyrotechnics
We do NOT allow reusable / metal pyro at our event, but we do allow all paper based pyrotechnics and these can be thrown as far as you like. 
Tag Rounds / Projectiles 
Tag Rounds and Projectiles must not be directly aimed / fired at either Animals / Humans / Vehicles.
Mines can be placed anywhere within the event area, it is the players responsibility to recover their mine at the end of the event.
Tripwires can be placed anywhere within the event area but the wire must not be placed above knee height.
Remote Pyro
Remote pyro is allowed at the event, pyro must NOT be placed above knee height, and before detonating the operator must have Line of Sight. 
Only an approved driver can drive a vehicle at the event. 
Out of Event / Not in Play
If the vehicle is out of the event / Not in play it will have a red light on the top. Do not shoot this vechical.
Personal Vehicles 
Player Vehicles are not permitted to be used on the event. However if you have a vehicle and would be happy to become staff for the event get in touch. 

Hit / Medic / Respawn

Body Hit
If hit from a BB you must raise you hand and clearly shout Hit, if this is the first Hit, you must lay down on your back and place a red dead rag on top of your head and wait to be revived, for 5 minutes no more no less, if you are not revived you're dead. 
You may only shout Medic. 
If it is your second Hit from a BB you're dead, and must go to a respawn point. 

Ricochets do not count as a Hit.
Weapon Hit 
If a BB hits your weapon that weapon becomes disabled and you must then switch to a secondary weapon. 
The hit weapon is then disabled until you return to a respawn point. If no secondary weapon is available you're dead and must return to a respawn point.
To medic another player you must apply a tourniquet or equivalent to the upper shoulder of the wounded player. This must be done within 5 minutes of the player being hit. 

Tourniquets must NOT be tightened.

A player can only be revived once per respawn.
There are several ways to respawn after being killed during this event which are split into 2 groups, stationary and mobile
Team FOB - These are the main headquarters for the teams but you can not respawn here if the FOB is under fire. 
Red Cross Areas - RCA’s, are normally behind each teams FOB and a central one placed in a village or camp. 
Red Cross Crates - Each team will have access to some Red Cross crates that can be placed anywhere in the field, BUT these can be captured by the enemy! If captured they can be returned to the Central Red Cross Area to score points. To move a Red Cross crate you must have 2 players touching the crate.
Pyrotechnics - Bangs, Mines, Trip Wires
Bang Grenade 
If within a 5 metre radius, the player is dead and must return to a respawn point. 
Tripwire (If Bang)
If within 5 metre radius, the players is dead and must return to a respawn point. 
Mine (If Bang) 
If within 5 metre radius, the players is dead and must return to a respawn point. 
Tag / Projectile 
If within a 5 metre radius, the player is dead and must return to a respawn point.
Vehicles can be disabled for a time period by a Tag/IED if it detonates within 3 metres of the vehicle.

It is down to the driver to say when the vechicle is disabled. 


Leaving Event Area
The goal of this event is to be immersed for the event, we highly discourage leaving the event area. 
Though to leave the event area you need to talk to your Troop Commander. This is due to some sites being an active MoD site.
Central Red Cross Area
The central Red Cross Area is design to be a rest stop and respawn for players. 
You must NOT engage any targets within 100meters of the tent (One Football Pitch Length). 
Our teams have a basic command structure, it is important you follow this structure to help bring immersion and this will also aid in your enjoyment of the event. 

If you purposely go against your commanders wishes, it could ruin the event for others, and you could be asked to leave the event. 

HOWEVER if you disagree with your commander please contact another member of staff who can then look into the issue.   
Uniform / Looks
To help increase the immersion of the event we require players to wear certain uniforms. These uniforms can be found on the event team pages with example loadouts. 

Weapons must be based on a real firearm. We DO allow two-tones.

If you turn up to the event with an incorrect uniform / unrealistic weapon you will NOT be permitted to enter the event area. 
All ammo is provided in the brand Geoffs for Rifleman and Support Gunner roles. 

You are NOT allowed to bring your own ammo unless exempt.

You will receive your first allocation of ammunition when you chrono your weapons, this will be the only ammunition you will receive easily for the event. 

There will be opportunities to earn more throughout the event. Marksmen who may use 0.35g+ BB’s can bring their own ammo but they must declare it to event staff on check-in.

ONLY Mid caps and Low caps Unless you're using a Light Machine Gun with a box mag.
Searching players for intel is allowed and highly encouraged. The search procedure may take place while a player is either Wounded or Captured. 

You MUST ask the player for consent to search them.

If they say yes and give you consent, go hands on and check them for intel. Please be respectful of the player being searched and do not cause any physical harm. If at anytime the searched participant asks you to stop then you must immediately stop! 

If they say no or asks you to stop after saying yes, then you need to ask them for items you wish to inspect such as maps, notebook, recordings, loose ammo, etc. The player being asked for this information must give it up freely without resistance. The searching player is then free to take notes or pictures of any items captured. Once complete, the searching participant must return all the personal items to the searched participant.

To deactivate their weapons or tools, you must place your hand on each piece and say it is deactivated or identify each item to deactivate. You can NOT remove any personal items without their permission.

Loose BB's can be taken by the enemy. If asked for, you must give it up. Loose BB's is defined as any ammo NOT currently loaded into a magazine or boxmag or speed loaders. Ammo in bags is fair game. Ammo loaded in magazines/box mags/speed loaders is OFF limits! 
You may capture an enemy player by either having them surrender or reviving a wounded player. 
You can keep them captive for up to 3 hours then must either be released or "Taken Care of".
When capturing a player you MUST contact your Commander and ask what to do with them.  
You must NOT bind / restrict the Captured Player without staff supervision.
Radio Frequencies 
Emergency Channel - 449.440
Event Times 
The event times are important to follow! If you arrive late without notifying SCC, and you miss your infill time, you might not be able to join the event.
Cameras / Recording
At our events we do NOT allow players to bring cameras such as GoPro or action camera's. This is mainly due to the nature of the location of our events and to avoid distraction. 

HOWEVER you may bring your phone to take photos of evidence / intel.
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